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Don Brady Design uses the power of design to transform even the simplest area into a stunning space. An experienced Interior Designer.  With four decades in Design, Don Brady has   developed a loyal and enthusiastic clientele made up of both private and commercial clients. Get in touch to find out more about working with them. 

Four Decades in Design

Don Brady graduated with a degree in painting and drawing from the University of Utah, where he was also involved in student politics, serving as an elected member of the executive council and as chairman of organizations board. He served as chairman of homecoming and as an editor for the Utah Daily Chronicle. He graduated as a member of Beehive Honorary and served as president of Beehive for several years after graduation. His involvement in leadership has given him the knowledge that he can take on any project, no matter how complicated.

Don spent two years studying the science of color with Uta and Ruland Siegrest, experts in color from the Basil School of Design in Switzerland. Also, a year of architectural studies gave him an awareness of the problems that architects face in designing a home.

Don began his career in interior design under the tutelage of design icon Merline Leaming at the Clark Leaming interior design firm. After three years of training, he branched out and started his own interior design business, which he has run for the last four decades.

"It is great if you can involve a designer from the very beginning in planning a home. His input is crucial to the overall look of the project. Your designer becomes very close to you and is involved in the design of many of your living decisions. I think there are three points that make a good design team: 1- Not taking ourselves so seriously, 2- Lots of humor, 3- Having great times together. These are all crucial elements in the outcome of a great job!"

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